Why Waterjet Cutting?

Save Time & Money

At Leading Edge Cutting Solutions, Inc., we strive to offer and achieve the quickest turn around possible. Everything is considered HOT these days and on a weekly basis, we achieve next day or even same day completion after a purchase order is received. We stock many common materials and run two shifts to keep the work flowing.

Material Optimization

Cost Effective Alternative
Save Material – Save Money

Very often, we can save significant amounts of material versus other manufacturing methods such as flame, plasma, laser cutting, milling or saw cutting. We achieve this by tightly nesting parts together (within .100″ of each other). For expensive materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper, you can offset cutting costs by the material you save by using the water jet cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting VS Flame, Plasma and Laser Cutting.

Waterjet Cutting is a Cold Cutting Process and does not affect the properties of the material being cut. There is no need to sand, grind or machine away slag created by burning processes.

Quick turn around!

Waterjet Cutting VS Milling and EDM (Electro Discharge Machining).

Many times the outside shape of a part is not that critical. Spending time and money for EDM or tight tolerance Milling may be cost overkill. Attaining net or near net shapes utilizing the Water Jet Process, will save money and free up critical machining centers.

In general, we can cut just about any flat stock material with thicknesses ranging from .001 inches up to 10 inches, attaining tolerances as tight as ± .005 inches on thinner materials.