Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Data Capabilities

We can accept sketches, prints, CAD Data or even a sample part. We primarily utilize AutoCAD based data (.dwg &.dxf) to generate cutting paths. We always verify that we have the correct data prior to cutting parts.

accuracy & consistency

Each of our waterjet cutting machines were purchased new and have been maintained & upgraded to attain the highest degree of accuracy and consistency possible for the waterjet cutting process.

We Guarantee Our Work!

Cutting Machines

1999 6′ x 10′ A-Series

With a 100 h.p. pump and dual head capability, this machine is primarily used for parts that do not have tight tolerances and for higher volume runs. Thickness range: .001″ – 10″

2003 2′ x 2′ Omax 2626

With a 30 h.p. pump and Tilt-A-Jet capabilities, this machine is great for small parts especially with tolerances as tight as ± .005 thickness range: .001″ – 4″. Taper is virtually eliminated for parts with thickness greater than 1/4″.

2006 6′ x 12′ Flow Integrated Flying Bridge

With a 50 h.p. pump and dynamic cutting head, this machine is ideal for large or tight tolerance parts ± .005. Taper is virtually eliminated for parts with thickness greater than 1/4″. Thickness range: .001″ – 6″.

Part Verification

Ball-Bar Accuracy Inspections:

Our machines are maintained yearly to assure the precision results inherent in our waterjet machinery.

Program Verification:

Prior to cutting, we verify all programs to ensure accuracy and meet customer expectations.

Dry Run Testing:

We also perform Dry Runs during set up to verify that the highest degree of dimensional accuracy will be attained.

Critical Feature Measurements:

Measurements of critical features are made during the cutting process to verify accuracy and consistency.