Material Optimization

Waterjet is a cold cutting process that does not affect the properties of the material being cut. No sanding, grinding or machining needed to remove slag left by other processes. In addition, parts can be tightly nested (within .100″ of each other), reducing the waste created on borders by cutting with flame, plasma, laser, saw or milling. Waterjet can cut thicknesses ranging from .001 inches to up to 10 inches, attaining tolerances as tight as + .005 inches on thinner materials.

Accurate, Repeatable, Productive

CNC technology allows for 2D and 3D contouring with highly accurate output. Many components of a project require more than one process for completion. At Leading Edge, we’ve got you covered. The technical skill of our engineers and the accuracy of our CNC process promise precise completion of your parts, and projects.

Save Material – Save Money

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Any Material- including, but not limited to: Plastics /Rubber/Non Ferrous Metals/Standard Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless & Composites.

* Custom Product Details
* Fixture Details
* Complete Fixtures
* Complete Assemblies
* Custom Gaskets
* Tooling Details & Machine Details


* Automotive Tooling
* Capital Equipment
* Machine Builders
* Automation System Builders
* Aerospace
* Machining
* Inventors & Artists
* Signage & Displays

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